Saturday, May 22, 2010

So Far So Good

Hello, sorry for the long delay. I have actually written and lost some info due to bad Internet connections. Hopefully this will make it out there. The past few days have been somewhat of a blur. Rancho Cucamunga was full of meetings and activities necessary before a run like this. A couple of highlights for me were the bike blessing which was well attended. The other chaplains and I were able to pray one on one to a lot of riders after our big group parayer and blessing. The other was a prayer meeting called by our route coordinator. this was a first and although our numbers were small it was a great time as we asked God to watch over us on this challenging ride. As usual it was great to see old friends in this family reunion feeling pilgrimage we make. Lots of new acquaintances are made and it is fun to spend time with like-minded riders ready to go the distance.

The riding has been great! The weather has cooperated for the most part. Our lunch stop in Needles, CA can sometimes be miserable with 100+ heat, but this year it was plenty warm and almost pleasant. I am always grateful for the many people in so many communities who come together to help our run be a success. It literally takes hundreds of volunteers to keep us fed and fueled as we travel this great land. To me it's what America really is for the most part, good people watching out for each other.

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