Sunday, May 16, 2010

On The Road Again

It is time for Run For The Wall again. This year had a few extra bumps along the way. The first being a real blessing. My old harley rec eived a make-over courtesy of some generous people. Thanks to a bike shop owner, mechanic, custom seat maker, and a painter all donating their time, talents and resources my old bike almost looks brand new. I was putting the final pieces on the bike less than 24 hours before our scheduled departure for Rancho Cucamunga, CA.

I was hoping to leave on Thursday May 13th, but felt it best to leave on the 14th instead to give me time to finish the last few details on the bike and leave a little better rested. Unfortunately the weather thought that was a bad idea. Friday started out cold and was only interrupted by snow and rain for most of the first day. The trip over Monarch pass was treacherous. The snow and freezing rain made riding difficult to say the least. Toward the top of the pass (the continental divide) visibility was about 10 feet as we literally rode through the storm cloud. The bike putted along as if it hadn't a care in the world and we were able to overnight with my brother in Grand Junction.

Some time in the wee hours of the morning I was awoke by the sound of pounding rain. I hoped it would pass by morning, but it did not. As we prepared to leave I monitored the weather patterns on my cell phone and was amazed to find that the rain was closely following the highway we would be on. It was as if someone was trying to wash the asphalt with rain. My wife Teresa and I suited up in our rain gear and hit the road. The rain was history within a hundred miles and we were able to make it into Las Vegas before night. We decided to stay in the first cheap place we found in Vegas which I think was a mistake. It wasn't the worst place I have ever stayed, but will be on my never again list for sure. The next morning as we left sin city we found places that looked a lot nicer for the same or less money. Oh, well live and learn.

It was a real joy to ride through Utah and Arizona. The scenery is breathtaking. Unfortunately I can't take pictures without stopping so photos are few. The ride from Vegas to Ontario, CA was uneventful except for the heat, wind, and California traffic. I was glad to check into a brand new motel 6 by two in the afternoon. This place is definitely on my stay here again list. We will try and rest before the real fun and work begin Monday morning.


  1. Ride Safe my friend. We will meet you in Angel fire Friday night should be in around 6:30 PM I will reg and ride with the group to La junta see if you can get me in a good platoon

    Your friends
    Brad & Melody

  2. Good morning Bro, It's 0615 hrs and you are probably lining up to take off from LA about now and very busy. I wish I could have made it.
    God Bless my prayers are with you.